Digital Humanities Winter Institute

In January, I will be attending the Digital Humanities Winter Institute. The Institute is being held on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. I’m able to attend thanks in part to a tuition scholarship from the DHWI. I’m thankful to them for supporting young scholars. I also plan to stay with family to offset lodging costs, but I am looking in to whether I can get some professional development money from Emory to stay on site at least part of the time. I’m worried about missing out on chances to talk to people informally and hear what’s going on in the other classes.

Calling any aspect of my work “Digital Humanities” is still a fairly new thing to me. I wrote a little bit about using it in teaching here. It’s something I’ve been interested in for while, but I’ve also been uncertain how to incorporate the digital humanities into my dissertation project. In particular, I know that  digital publishing and the online community surrounding it is a huge source for a lot of the derivative works that complicate the discussions of originality and plagiarism in my dissertation. The course I’ve chosen to take over the week-long institute should be a big help. From the DHWI website:

Project Development

Instructors: Jennifer Guiliano, Assistant Director, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, University of Maryland

Simon Appleford, Clemson University Cyber Institute

The Project Development course will explore the fundamentals of project design including, but not limited to: formulating appropriate disciplinary questions for digital humanities research, investigating digital humanities tools and resources, structuring your first project, designing publicity and websites for your project, documenting your project work, writing your first grant proposal, and managing your budget.

The Institute runs January 7th  through 11th, 2013. Registration is still open, so go to the site to learn more if you might be interested!


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