Technology, Pedagogy, and Curriculum

This weekend, I was excited to find out that I have been accepted to participate in Emory’s Technology, Pedagogy, and Curriculum seminar. TPC is a training course aimed at helping graduate student instructors make use of technology in their teaching. I am particularly excited to become more familiar with ways that I can teach students to present their work as digital stories, blogs, etc… I am also looking forward to learning how I might make this site more user-friendly and maybe build in some ways to interact with students.

Of course, there is yet another reason to be excited about this course…instructors who are accepted and complete the entire course receive a free iPad from Emory!

iPads might seem like an expensive course component. And on some level, they are. However, having just read Cathy N. Davidson’s Now You See It for a technology and pedagogy reading group I’m part of, hearing about TPC recalled for me Davidson’s stories about handing iPods to incoming Duke freshman. Presenting the device as a learning tool and giving students nearly free reign in how to use it led to some really interesting and creative things. This class is a similar opportunity to take advantage of this kind of access to a new tool to be creative in the classroom and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Technology, Pedagogy, and Curriculum”

  1. here’s the chance to write that Strunk and White analog for digital stories. Story might be a good term to reflect use of multiple media and not only text.

  2. I don’t think my interest will ever be writing grammar manuals, digital or otherwise. I do think Strunk and White is an excellent resource. I agree that the term “story” nicely captures the use of multiple mediums. I think I like it in part because it sounds a little bit colloquial and less formal, capturing a wide range of information-sharing behaviors. Looking up the OED definition now… 🙂

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