My name is Kira Walsh. I live and work in Atlanta, GA. I have two dogs, too many books, and one very resilient house plant.

My expertise is in communications. I’m particularly good at organizing complex ideas and processes through writing. For instance, when I worked at the Internal Revenue Service, I was responsible for creating a clear, edited version of the Internal Revenue Service Video Production Handbook.* Other communication tasks I enjoy:

  • editing creative work
  • finding the right words for that really important email
  • helping students brainstorm a narrative thread for a personal statement (arguably the most challenging writing genre!)
  • making ideas come alive through musical/dramatic performance
  • management of websites and social media

I like the way that finding the right words—as well as the right structure—can help people say what they mean and mean what they say.

Currently, I am Outreach and Communications Coordinator for the Emory University Department of Chemistry. I work with our scientists to share their stories with each other as well as the public. Sometimes this means shepherding thirty elementary school students through our labs, making sure they understand the fundamentals of our science…and wear their safety goggles! Other days, this means curating our social media presence or helping students or faculty identify and describe broader impacts for a grant proposal. A big part of my job is supporting our recruitment of faculty and graduate students–because that’s about telling our story, too. My goal is to help build an engaged scientific community–at Emory and beyond.

For inquires about writing, research, and teaching, please e-mail: kirawalsh@gmail.com

For inquiries about Emory and the Chemistry department, please e-mail: kwalsh6@emory.edu. Or visit the Department’s Facebook page!


*Why does the IRS have a video production handbook? Because they have a communications division charged with helping the public understand and comply with tax law. Sometimes that includes producing instructional videos. 

Credit to Horton the Elephant